Interior Epoxy Flooring St LouisDo you find it difficult to determine what type of flooring to have installed in your home or business? Are there just too many options that it leaves you stuck? Do you sometimes feel that you are overwhelmed with the variety of flooring options available to you? Perhaps STL Epoxy Floor Pros can help. With our epoxy flooring, we are sure that we can help steer you toward one of our flooring systems. Epoxy flooring offers so many advantages, it is durable, affordable, stylish, high performing, and long-lasting. What more can you ask for! You won’t have a problem finding the type of interior epoxy flooring that you want since there are so many coatings to choose from. Epoxy flooring was the type of flooring that used to only be used for commercial use. This has changed over the years. Now, more homeowners are requesting it for their interior needs. The increasing popularity of metallic epoxy has contributed to the increase in interior epoxy flooring requests. It is perfect for homes where there are children and pets because it is scratch-resistant and can hold up against in the harshest environments. They also offer minimum maintenance.

Customizing Your Interior Epoxy Flooring

One of the things that are most appealing about our interior epoxy flooring is the number of available options. The more options that there are to choose from the more customizable your flooring is. When our professional flooring contractors are tasked with customizing your flooring, you can add some of your personality to it. They can make it as fancy as you would like or tone it down to make it just right. Regardless of how elaborate or how simple you want your interior epoxy flooring to be, you can be sure that you’ll get what you want. You can customize your flooring by choosing the color that you would like, whether it is a single color or a combination of multi-color paint flakes or metallic pigments, we will have something sure to appeal to you. If you are interested in branding the floors of your business then we can even embed your logo right into your flooring. In commercial or industrial facilities, we can even apply our stenciling technique to give you something truly unique to your business. It can be applied along your walkway or vehicle paths.

Why Epoxy Is A Good Choice

It doesn’t matter where you choose to have epoxy flooring installed; it is a great investment. When the flooring is professionally installed, it can last for up to 30 years. This is what makes it one of the most affordable flooring options available today. Surprisingly, it has an even better lifecycle than concrete flooring. Even if it is applied in your garage, where it is sure to receive a lot of wear and tear, it will still hold up well over the years. Epoxy flooring can help increase your home value, due to its appearance and durability. Epoxy is also a great interior flooring option because of its easy maintenance. The only thing you’ll need to do to maintain your epoxy flooring uses a soft bristle broom to remove any dirt on the surface of your floors. You can also use a simple wet mop to clean your epoxy flooring without any harsh abrasives. You will only have to have the pressure of the floor washed if it is absolutely necessary but in most cases, just a good dusting and wet mop will do just fine. Our customers truly appreciate the easy maintenance their epoxy flooring offers them.

Hiring STL Epoxy Floor Pros

If you want to be sure that your flooring will be appropriately installed then you have to rely on our team of experienced flooring professionals. They have years of experience and can effectively install your epoxy flooring system, regardless of what you choose. You will always receive professional, reliable, and affordable epoxy flooring when you rely on STL Epoxy Floor Pros. We are the preferred and most widely used flooring company in the area. Call on us and you are assured of receiving the best quality of flooring services in St. Louis, MO. You could try and try to get it right but if you can’t seem to find the right flooring and you haven’t been satisfied with anything that the other companies have offered to you, it’s time to contact. We are confident that we can offer you what you want for your floors.